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Watch out for ‘personal verification’ sites targeted at LGBTQ users whom may feel in danger

Watch out for ‘personal verification’ sites targeted at LGBTQ users whom may feel in danger

An online site that went real time recently is claiming to provide security for homosexual and people that are bisexual dating apps, but details are suspiciously slim on the floor.

Visitors have now been reaching off to ask if this amazing site is genuine, therefore we looked at it only a little much deeper.

Within the last few fortnight an online site went live at, calling it self the Gay and Bisexual Harassment Protection ID.

It claims ‘by getting registered and confirmed, you are able to search individuals and yourself’ that is secure. The facts of exactly just how this works appear intentionally obscure. The website, full of enrollment links and stock pictures, over repeatedly utilizes language which takes benefit of people who may feel susceptible on dating apps and web sites.

‘It just takes your time that is little for protection. It certainly won’t harmed if our company is dealing with safety, right?’

‘After the murder that is unfortunate took destination on a dating website, Harassment and Protection System ID received news visibility’

During our research the sole mention of ‘Harassment and Protection System ID’ we’re able to find had been cached links to and reflect sites with similar URLs, titled the ‘Harassment and Minority Protection System ID’ and ‘Harassment and Protection System’.

The internet site, written with bad sentence structure, guarantees this security system can be located ‘on all international dating that is personal, but we discovered no proof this.

What’s more, the web site does not have any social media marketing of the very very very own, but does url to Twitter (to Facebook’s official LGBTQ page), Instagram (to news site LGBTQNation), Twitter (a fairly inactive account with no back-link to GBHPID), and YouTube (a BBC meeting with victims of LGBTQ hate crime).